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Gillian Biggs

Gillian is a singer, dancer, actress and vocal teacher originally from the UK.  She began dancing and theatre classes at a young age and upon her move to Australia, continued to involve herself in as much theatre, music and dance as possible.

She has studied music specialising in voice, been a part of multiple musical theatre and cabaret productions and regularly performs around Adelaide in anything between pub gigs with a band to cabaret shows.

CCtheatreCo. Roles:-   

Chalice Black - 'Bloodbank' 2018 

Penelope Plagueseeker  - 'Doomclaw' 2017

Princess Melody - 'Another Ever After' 2017

 Gillian the actress - 'Revue' 2016 & 2017

Lucy - 'Copacabana' 2016

Promise the Croupier - 'Lady Luck' 2015

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