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Janelle Skuse

Janelle always knew she wanted to be on stage. It started with piano when she played with the Suzuki School of Music at the Hilton Hotel, Westfield Marion and was selected out of many to sing solo at the Festival of Music at the Festival Theatre.  Janelle decided to take performing a step further and sought out opportunities to develop her skills wherever possible. Janelle has trained at Helen O’ Grady Drama Academy, Mighty Good Talent School, attended one of N.I.D.A’s workshops and completed Scene to Screen with well known television casting agent Wizzy Evans.

Janelle has performed in a number of the M.S Society’s musical theatre performances and, in 2008, joined a female vocal group Ilicious. They performed at cabaret evenings and in various hotels around Adelaide. Janelle was selected to fly to Brisbane to audition in front of the judges for X Factor after making it through all of the Adelaide audition rounds. She also gained the role as the lead vocalist and presenter ‘Lara’ in ‘Rumbo the Koala and Jumpo the Kangaroo Live Stage Show’.

CCtheatreCo. Roles:-   

Cleo - 'Clone-A-Patra' 2020

Octavia Wormwood the Witch - 'Which-Craft?' 2019

Moira Von-Pyre Vampire & Reporter Ambrosia Stenchbrewer - 'Bloodbank' 2018 

No Name Nancy the Pirate - 'Abandon Ship!' - 2018

Absinthe Venomfiend TV personality - 'Doomclaw' 2017                                    

Bloodbank Absinthe interviews Moira.PNG
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Bloodbank Filming Moira Fifi & Pixelbits
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