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Ryan Tanner

Ryan Tanner

Ryan Tanner is an Actor, Singer & Dancer.  He found his love for performing while studying Drama and Screen studies at Flinders University. Ryan did some television and film work upon completing his studies but due to the lack of opportunity in South Australia didn't work professionally for a while.  After his lengthy hiatus he rediscovered his love for the stage after becoming a part of CCtheatreCo.  Ryan now plays a key role in all of our shows as one of the lead performers, set designers, writers and producers.

CCtheatreCo. Roles:-   

Ammut the demon - 'Clone-A-Patra' 2020

Jeremy Pawspit the Werewolf - 'Which-Craft?' 2019

Rufus Smithe the Vampire - 'Bloodbank' 2018 

Cut throat Collins the Pirate - 'Abandon Ship!' - 2018

Cecil Doomclaw mad professor- 'Doomclaw' 2017

Prince Duke - 'Another Ever After' 2017

Ryan the comedian - 'Revue' 2016 & 2017

Dexter the Detective - 'Copacabana' 2016



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