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CC (Caroline Cook)

Caroline studied all aspects of Performing Arts at Stage School and University in her native UK, and worked as a Professional Singer, Dancer, Actress and Presenter.  After touring the world on cruise ships, she moved to Adelaide where she now runs a performing arts school and teaches drama, singing and dance. Caroline is the lead producer, director, writer, composer, choreographer and costume designer for CCtheatreCo.

She is currently writing several new shows and regularly performs in various gigs across South Australia.

CCtheatreCo. Roles:-  

Tabitha the Cat - 'Clone-A-Patra' 2020 

Charisma Snitch the Witch - 'Which-Craft?' 2019

Ambrosia Stenchbrewer the Vampire & FIFI the Computer - 'Bloodbank' 2018 

Pippa the Pirate - 'Abandon Ship!' - 2018

Ebony the dismembered head - 'Doomclaw' 2017

Princess Harmony - 'Another Ever After' 2017

Caroline the desperate actress - 'Revue' 2016 & 2017

Lola the Showgirl - 'Copacabana' 2016

Queenie the Croupier - 'Lady Luck' 2015

Bloodbank - Fifi the Functionally Intell
Abandon Ship116.jpg
Caroline Cook
Abandon Ship56.jpg
Revue - CCtheatreCo.
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