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Jed McDonald

Jed started singing with his Musician father at the age of 4.  He has studied music, many forms of dance and taught funk/commercial hip-hop. He has also worked professionally as an actor, model, dancer and choreographer.  Jed also now sings and dances for corporate events and nightclubs.

CCtheatreCo. Roles :-  

Yellowbelly the Pirate - 'Abandon Ship!' - 2018

Ivor the dismembered head - 'Doomclaw' 2017

Prince Handsome - 'Another Ever After' 2017

Jed the seasoned Actor - 'Revue' 2016 & 2017

Cuban Pete - 'Copacabana' 2016

Mr Banks Casino Manager - 'Lady Luck' 2015

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