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'Geppetto Toys'

Geppetto New Square.jpg

Geppetto makes the best Toys, he even brings them to life!  Coco the Clown, Barbi doll and Commander Man are all his creations, but now he wants another victim, no, toy…


Tormented by delusional singing dancing toys and their Master Geppetto the victim must play a series of classic games in this manic world to get out alive. 


If you liked Squid games and Toy Story, this Musical Scary tale is for you and will keep you laughing as you enter the unhinged world of Geppetto Toys!


Parental Guidance recommended Horror Themes.

Playing at 

Adelaide Fringe 2022...

Holden Street Theatres

Feb 22nd - 25th & Mar 3rd-6th




“Fringes Clone a patra is like a good marriage its exotic,Special, Full of energy and questionable trickery, Bellowing songs sung true and a whole lotta sexy. So go see it ” - Aiden Marks

The architect Horus and his gorgeous wife Cleo show that a good marriage is a special thing see how their marriage fairs when a sneaky cat, two demons, a mummy and a sexually frustrated slave get involved. Curious? You’ll have to come see for yourself!


Adelaide Fringe March 2020

Showed at Star Theatres

Which-craft_ Fringe Image.jpg


Winners of the Holden Street Theatres' Adelaide Fringe Award 2018.In the Land Behind the Shadows, every decision has an effect. The Wormwood sisters have fallen on hard times, they're living in a high rise with bad neighbours and the landlord breathing down their necks, and no-one is buying their spells. The eldest of the sisters plans to turn their luck around by entering all of the reality shows on the box - including 'The Bat-chelor', 'My Witchin' Rules' and 'Rottingfoot's Got Talent' and become household names. Will their lives be 'altar-ed'? Or will the world find them to be quite dis-enchanting?CCtheatreCo's newest cult musical comedy is the third story in the Rottingfoot series. Come along to see another 'charm-ing' tale from this magical land!

Adelaide Fringe Feb/March 2019

Showed at Holden Street Theatres - The Arch

Bloodbank Square with Title.jpg


In the Land Behind the Shadows trouble is brewing.  Vampire Hunters are at large, Philanthropist Rudolf Smithe, who was petitioning for Vampire rights is missing. It is also illegal for Vampires to drink human blood. All eyes are on the Bloodbank factory where artificial blood drink 'Fang Fizz' is made. HR manager, Ambrosia Stenchbrewer has bitten off more than she can chew as the workers keep disappearing. Manager Obsidian Von-Pyre, is clearly sucking the life out of the factory, while his wife Moira is trying to suck the life out of him. 

After the success of 'Doomclaw' in 2017. The next cult original musical comedy in the Rottingfoot stories will definately make you Bloodthirsty for more..

Halloween Spectacular October 2018

Showed at Holden Street Theatres - The Arch

Abandon ship!​

Why do Pirates only ever have half a map?

This swashbuckling musical voyage sees opposing Pirate clans try to put their rivalry aside. When the Blue Eels are forced to Abandon their ship they seek refuge, using the Pirates code, on the Armageddon with the all girl crew, the Salty Sea Hags. In this musical comedy our battling buccaneers quest to plunder the legendary Blackbeard's hoard. Is treasure there be all end all, and is it all they will find at the end of that map?

With comedy, sea shanties, battles, and everything in between this show is a must for all musical theatre and adventure lovers.

Adelaide Fringe March 2018


Showed at The Bakehouse - Winner of the Holden Street Theatre Award. Adelaide Fringe 


In the land behind the shadows, the reclusive, aspiring, mad scientist Cecil Doomclaw yearns his fathers approval, which he tries to gain through his experiments.  In a makeshift laboratory in his fathers basement, with the help of his artificially intelligent computer, he tries to make monsters and give them consciousness.  All of this while evading thwarts from his evil twin sisters and avoiding advances from his obsessed neighbour, Penelope.

Halloween Spectacular October 2017

Showed at Star Theatres -  Theatre 2

Another Ever After

This Fairy Tale parody will have you singing along and tapping your feet as our Princes, Princesses and evil group of undesirables make you question who the real villains are.  Let our conscience be your guide in this Fairy Tale mash up as we journey towards that happily ever after.  With comedy and classic Disney tunes this show is a must for Fairy Tale lovers and the young at heart.

Adelaide Fringe March 2017

Showed at Star Theatres - Theatre 2


How does an inexperienced producer put together a successful cabaret show?

Join the cast of 'Revue' as they explore the methodology and emotional vulnerability hidden behind the madness that is show business.  With classic show tunes and a menagerie of song, dance and farcical comedy, how will you review 'Revue"? 

Cabaret Fringe June 2016

Adelaide Fringe Feb 2017

Showed at Nexus Arts & Downtown

Copacabana Club Cabaret 

Cuban Pete, owner of the Copacabana Pop-up Club, has dwindling success and a raucous appetite for all things Latina.  Join him and the regulars at the Copacabana for a night of Musical Theatre. Learn some hot Salsa moves in this interactive show as the story unfolds to the Mambo beat.

Adelaide Fringe March 2016

Showed at Nexus Arts

Lady Luck Casino Cabaret

Will Luck be your Lady Tonight?

Hit the jackpot and join CCtheatreCo. for a night at the Lady Luck Casino. Have a punt on our magical journey as we try to win big and beat the house.  If you like to gamble then the odds are this is the cabaret for you.

Cabaret Fringe June 2015

Showed at Nexus Arts

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